Articles Of Agreement Made This

6. A Member may not propose a change in the nominal value of its currency unless it is intended to correct or prevent a fundamental imbalance. An amendment may be made only on the proposal of the member and only after consultation with the Fund. 8. Any Participant whose currency is distributed to other Participants in accordance with this Schedule warrants the full and complete use of such currency at all times for the purchase of goods or for the payment of sums promised to it or to persons in its territory. Any participant so committed undertakes to compensate the other participants for losses resulting from the difference between the value at which the Fund distributed its currency in accordance with this Annex and the value realized by those participants on the transfer of its currency. 10. For the purposes of this Schedule, quotas shall be deemed to increase in full, to the extent that they could have been increased in accordance with Article III(2)(b) of this Agreement. 7.

If, after payment of the balances to the participants, any non-overdue participant does not have Special Drawing Rights proportional to its cumulative net endowment, participants holding a lower share shall acquire from those holding a higher share the amounts, in accordance with the agreements concluded by the Fund, which match the share of their holdings to the special drawing rights. Each overdue participant shall pay to the Fund its own currency in the amount of its delay. The Fund shall distribute this currency and the remaining claims among the participants in relation to the amount of the special drawing rights in question, and these special drawing rights shall be abolished. Assets which, after termination of the agreements referred to in point (b), are subject to the order of the Fund shall be transferred to the special payment account. The Fund may determine, by a majority of eighty-five per cent of total voting rights, that international economic conditions permit the establishment of a generalized trading system on the basis of stable but customizable nominal values. The Fund shall make the assessment on the basis of the underlying stability of the world economy and shall take into account, for this purpose, price developments and rates of expansion in the economies of members. . .