Emc Agreement

2.1 Order contracts. When Partner buys products and services from Dell Technologies, these purchases are either subject to your existing ordering agreement from its service provider, a master ordering agreement, an alliance contract, a strategic alliance framework contract or another sales contract that explicitly regulates the nature of the acquired products and services, or, if such an agreement does not exist, b) the us purchase conditions in effect at the time, which www.dell.com/cts currently when your order is placed in the United States; or the current Canadian trading conditions that are currently in www.dell.ca/terms when your order is placed in Canada (sub-parts a) and (b) are the „order contract“). If the order agreement does not contain user rights or conditions applicable to cloud service providers as comprehensive as the terms of compliance, the order agreement will be supplemented by cloud services provider Rider at www.dell.com/learn/us/en/uscorp1/terms-conditions/csp-rider-to-cts or by compliance conditions. Under the TLA contract, the old licence grants are terminated, as are the maintenance contracts that supported them. Dell EMC offers a checkback to the buyer of the current maintenance credit. If you purchased the support directly from Dell EMC, the cheque or credit will be returned directly by Dell EMC to the customer. You know that the standard terms of a TLA agreement prevent you from using third-party maintenance work that may be 50% cheaper than OEM maintenance The processing credit pool looks like a gift card that can be redeemed during the deal for several and various elements of Dell EMC`s extended family, including: 12.1 Termination. You can cancel the program at any time by notifying Dell Technologies in writing. Dell Technologies may suspend or partially suspend your participation in the program without written notice: (a) for any violation of this Agreement or any other Agreement related to your participation in the program or (b) for any attempt to harm the integrity of the program according to Dell Technologies. In addition, Dell Technologies may, at its sole discretion, terminate all or part of the contract or program for all participants or for you alone, after a period of ten (ten) days, to the partner account administrator or any other contact you provide as part of your participation in the program. „For Emc, this OEM agreement with Big Switch was the next natural step. Together, we`ve seen tremendous momentum over the past five years and we`ve allowed end-users to connect openly around the world,“ said Tom Burns, SVP- GM, Networking Solutions, Dell EMC. With computing and storage innovations widely anticipated to better support ever-increasing data volumes, the network can no longer be an obstacle to itactive, agile and efficient operation.

Through both the OEM agreement and Ready Stack solutions, we continue to offer innovative solutions that dissolve silos and make information technology, security, people and digital transformation. 2.2 Purchases. Your purchases of hardware equipment and software licenses („Products“) and support, maintenance, professional services and other („Services“) directly from Dell Technologies are subject to agreements and conditions that are specified under the specific conditions of the current partner. You only purchase products and services for resale through a licensed distributor of the Dell Technologies Partnership Program („Distributor“), unless Dell Technologies expressly authorizes you in writing to purchase products and services directly from Dell Technologies. 1.4 Purchases for resale to the federal user. Buy Dell Technologies products and services for resale at each agency, The U.S. government department or office (together the „federal end users“) is subject to your Federal Certified Reseller Agreement or Federal Reseller Agreement (Federal Reseller Terms) with Dell Technologies, as long as it specifically applies to the purchase of these products and services or, to the extent that there is no such agreement (b) on the terms of sale of the www.dell.com/resellerterms