Evergreen Catholic Collective Agreement

b) TEBA and the association may agree to proceed with an arbitration board composed of a single arbitrator instead of a three-member arbitration board. In this case, TEBA and the association will appoint a person who will serve as a single arbitrator within 15 days of operation, in accordance with the agreement reached with a single arbitrator. In the event that it is not possible to agree on the person as a sole arbitrator, each contracting party may request in writing that the Director of Brokerage Services indicate the required appointment. 2.5.2 If a strike or lockout begins during the central negotiations, the continuation of the collective agreement is suspended until an agreement on essential conditions is ratified in accordance with Section 11 (4) PECBA or the central conditions are otherwise settled. 3.1.3 Payment of administrative allowances under Article 4 of this agreement begins to accrue on the effective date of the appointment and continues until the appointment closes. (c) judgment or transaction: an order of a competent court or an agreement in which the teacher agrees to accept any sum of money that represents a previous or future loss of remuneration, either by a lump sum, by periodic payments, or by the purchase of a pension or one of them. 2.1 This agreement applies to all board members who must be required to have a valid apprenticeship certificate under the supervision of Alberta Learning in the province of Alberta, or where the context requires teachers, with the exception of those qualified as superintendents, assistant superintendents/assistants, principal of institutions and director of student services. Effective September 1, 2017, the alternative learning experience is credited as experience in accordance with clauses 3.4.1 to 3.4.4 of this Agreement. 2.3.2 A notice pursuant to subsection 2.3.1 is considered a notice of opening collective bargaining in accordance with section 59, paragraph 1, of the labour code. 2.7.1 The association and TEBA may at any time agree to negotiate revisions to the central points of the collective agreement. These changes will come into effect from the date the association and TEBA agree.

1.6 This collective agreement nullifies all previous collective agreements and related provisions. 2.2.1 Negotiations on the list of central and local affairs must begin no later than 6 months and no more than 8 months before the expiry of the collective agreement in force at the time and be initiated by a written communication from the Federation or teBA to the other. With effect on January 1, 2019, the employer will ensure, in addition to the day at 3.5.2, that headteachers and assistant principals receive one (1) paid day off per school year, on a date that can be agreed upon by the Assistant Principal and Superintendent-designate. If there is no agreement on whether the dates of the chief governor and superintendent can be agreed upon, the employer pays the paid leave on a daily basis at 1/200th of the current annual salary and allowance until the end of June of each year. This letter expires and no longer has power and effect from June 30, 2020.as 2.2.2 If no agreement is reached, the matter will be decided by arbitration according to PECBA.