House Rental Agreement Format In Telugu

Diese Miettat wurde unter – taggemacht, eingegeben und ausgef-hrt, und zwischen _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________im Alter von etwa ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Vollstrecker, Verwalter, Rechtsvertreter und Zutretungsempf-nger des einen Teils und des einen Teils und des einj-hrigen Teils und des It`s not going to be the last time. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________wohnhaft unter ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Während Haus, Boden und Räumlichkeiten _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Und während der Mieter den Vermieter zur Ausführung einer Miethandlung zu seinen Gunsten there was one of the stores on the floor – of the premises mentioned, which was numbered as a store No______________________ (private brand) for unit value purposes and offered an amount of Rs. (rupees _______________________________________only) per month as non-standard rent for a period of $1.5 per month „I`m going to be a no-go-like“ „I`m going to be a no-go-like“ General Conditions 1. This lease is applicable from ——————– 2. LesSEE paid Rs. ——————- in exchange for a lesSOR bond. The deposit is not paid and will be refunded to the LESSEE at the time of the evacuation of the planned premises after deducting any rent arrears, electricity bills, breaks, cleaning costs. 3. LesSEE also commits to a monthly rent of Rs.——— The rent for each month is paid on the 5th of each month (after the end of the month) 4. If LESSEE wishes to evacuate the premises before the expiry of the period available to it, it must announce a period of one month in writing or one month`s rent instead of notice.

LESSOR also gives one month`s notice to the LESSEE. (5) The LESSEE is not entitled to charge the rent deduction of the amount of the deposit. On the other hand, the LESSEE will continue to pay the rent as agreed. 6. Lessee undertakes to pay the rent on regular terms or to commit or execute a delay in meeting or fulfilling any of the conditions agreed here. LESSOR reserves the right to terminate LEASE GARANTIA and to take over the ownership of the calendar premises. 7. Lessee supports and pays the electricity consumed in accordance with its monthly bill to AndharPradesh Southern Power Distribution Limited and forwards the copy of the invoice to LESSOR with the payment receipt. Water charges are calculated in common. 8. Lessee undertakes not to rent or sublet the calendar premises, in whole or in part, to a third party or part. (9) The LESSEE maintains and maintains clean and in good condition when the damage is to be sustained by LESSEE 10.

The landlord has the right to terminate the tenancy agreement if the tenant does not regularly pay the rents for a period of two consecutive months, or if he violates one of the conditions mentioned above and takes possession of the preconditions.