Italian For Tenancy Agreement

Rent in Italy is governed by L.n.392/1978 (fair rent act), L.n.431/1998 and the Constitution. These laws are the framework for leases, including the duration of rent, rent and dispute settlement increases. Non-residential rental contracts (i.e. offices, retail spaces and hotels) that provide an annual rent of more than 250,000 euros, provided that these leases do not have damage to buildings of historical value, confirmed by a local administrative order, must not be subject to the mandatory provisions of the Rent Act. In other words, for such leases, the parties are free to agree on conditions that depart from the mandatory provisions of the Rent Act which generally benefit the tenant. This new option applies to all leases concluded after November 11, 2014. However, leases are governed by certain rules established by the Italian civil code (for example. B the rules for sharing food responsibility between the landlord and the tenant). Hungarian law distinguishes between rentals of ordinary real estate used for the rental of buildings or dwelling units and usufruit rentals used for the rental of agricultural land.

Regular rentals are used for commercial, retail, industrial or residential properties and are much more common than usufruit leasing. While a tenancy agreement allows a tenant to use the property in question, a tenant has the right, under a usufruit contract, to use the property and recover income. The Internet is an amazing resource for anyone who wants to rent an apartment without the help of a real estate agency. But while the adventure of finding the perfect place for a short- or long-term stay can be quite exciting, the technical possibilities of renting and renting an apartment, especially in a foreign country, constitute many obstacles, of which the flow of seemingly incomprehensible papers and legal stumbling blocks constitute many obstacles. Whether you are a student, tourist or owner planning to rent a property, it is important to understand the basics of short-term housing contracts. Contratto di locazione a canone libero (Free Market Agreement) We have extensive experience in residential and commercial contracts, early termination clauses in accordance with the law, short-term options, etc. In addition, there are other types of contracts that resemble leases. B such as corporate/financial leasing (and financing) of commercial real estate (offices and industrial buildings – site finance/leasing), facilities contracts (setting up/termentbeschikkingstelling) for warehouses, car parks, etc.

and hotel management contracts.