Joint Ownership Agreement Horse

Condominium agreements are sometimes lacking because the parties rejoice in the new horse and get into things without thinking about the details. Perhaps the proposed co-owners are good friends and think they will be able to develop differences, so there is no need to have a detailed agreement. Maybe it is a trainer and a client who are co-owners, and because of the client`s trust in the trainer, or because of the coach`s experience in condominium horses, none consider that a detailed agreement is necessary. Whatever the reason, the rights and duties of each party are divided as to why the co-owners go south. The Leone-Reitrecht is available to provide documents and contracts for horses, including co-ownership agreements. E-mail [email protected] to ask for help with such documents or other questions on this topic, including how to deal with deadlock situations when it comes to co-ownership, and more details about creating an LLC. Answer: First be proud of yourself because you think you are asking this question before buying the horse together. It`s easy to get bogged down in this excitement, own a horse with a trainer or even own a horse with a friend, and too often people keep thinking about all the details and the „what ifs“. Another problem to take into account is that if one of the co-owners is not a rider, can this co-owner allow a friend or family member to ride the horse? I didn`t expect to share the car with my roommate`s friend.

Horse-sharing agreements may seem a little too formal for chords that are primarily for fun, but they reduce the risk that the agreement will later become acidic. These easy-to-treat agreements were written by a lawyer with long riding experience and cover cases that could lead to disagreements, for example: who is the task of calling the vet, who stabilizes the horse and when each owner can ride, and so on. However, sometimes the non-decisive owner disagrees with the decisions, which can create inconsistencies, especially when the costs are incurred. In addition, circumstances may change, making it unfair to grant power to an owner, and the co-ownership agreement must reflect such changes. We have another sharing agreement for horses, where the two owners ride in leisure.