Mgeu Collective Agreement Red River College

„Red River College plays an important role in training young Manitobans and in building manitoba`s economy with the skills needed to continue to grow. It is a real pity that state-ordered budget cuts are now costing their jobs and debilitating programs for students,“ said Michelle Gawronsky, President. The Government of Manitoba and the General Workers Union (MGEU/NUPGE). With separate bargaining units, the two groups of workers will have the opportunity to address their specific issues at the bargaining table and vote on a collective agreement reflecting the negotiated terms and rights relating to their particular position within the college. After an improved offer from their employers, employees at Assiniboine Community College in Brandon, Man., represented by the Manitoba Government and General Employees` Union (MGEU), Local 71 and Red River College in Winnipeg, MGEU, Local 73, voted on March 21 to ratify new four-year collective agreements. Most educational institutions across Canada are supported by many certified employee groups. Most educational institutions in Canada) allow the ability to negotiate as a separate location. For example, the University of Manitoba has six unionized employment groups, one for faculties, one for teaching support staff and four others. The University of Winnipeg has four collective agreements that govern its activities.

„It`s a real shame that state-ordered cuts are now costing students their employment and weakness programs.“ — Michelle Gawronsky, President of the MGEU Why restructure the 73 local into two bargaining units, leading to two separate collective agreements? A hospital, medical clinic, medical practice or health centre run and run by the government of Manitoba or Canada, or both, or managed by an individual or institution under an agreement with one or two governments. All current members of the MGEU will continue to be represented by MGEU. The proposed restructuring will result in two separate bargaining units, which will result in two collective agreements within the framework of the Union; I`m mgEU.