Pta Hold Harmless Agreement

Our policy is only intended to identify PTA members while they are volunteers for THE EPZs. It is essential that external suppliers/concession providers/service providers have their own insurance to reduce the possibility that the PTA unit will be held responsible for the activity. The annual employee wage report is a document that each EPZ must submit in the state for insurance purposes. It is used to indicate whether you have paid someone (including staff and independent contractors) for services and the amounts you have paid, if you have any. This report is mandatory every year, even if you have not paid anyone. For 2021, the PTA and AIM have introduced a new annual report on salaries and the salary bidding process. Units and councils do not send insurance premiums directly to California State PTA. Send payments through appropriate channels (unit to the District Council). Extra-retied units must transfer payments to districts. After December 20, 2020, a late commission of $25 will be charged and paid by the California State PTA. There is no grace period. Late charges must also be submitted through the channels. Includes mandatory coverage of general and umbrella liability, directors and officers liability, Fidelity Bond and workers` compensation insurance.

On November 30, 2020, california State PTA and our insurance broker Association Insurance Management (AIM) organized an informative webinar on insurance policies and services to protect your PTAs and members and support your activities. In a Hold Harmless agreement, the undersigned party assumes responsibility for all acts and responsibility for all violations related to an event. Units – meet the due dates of your council and county. Send your insurance premium through channels to the next level of PTA. For more information, please contact your PTA council or district. PTAs are required to obtain a Hold Harmless Agreement and evidence of insurance from any supplier, dealer or service provider used. You will find the last form in the insurance manual. We checked insurance coverage, benefit changes, the renewal process, the new workers` compensation form, incident notification forms, timelines and more.