School Laptop Loan Agreement

Staff and students should sign the loan agreement before receiving the device. (Scroll down to the last section for tips on how to safely distribute the devices.) If your school is closed, use a courier to deliver the equipment, I will ensure that the equipment is returned to the school when the student is no longer attending the school. I know that the school monitors the student`s activities on this device. I confirm that I have read the terms of the agreement and confirm my signature at the end of this agreement that I and the student will comply with the credit conditions. You may already be setting your rules for the correct use of devices in your ICT policy for acceptable use. However, you should create a separate agreement for loans so that you have a number of conditions that are quick and easy to read. Check your asset registry/inventory to see how many laptops and/or tablets you have. (If you don`t have many, read our article on alternative methods to provide laptops to get a list of organizations that can help you access devices). Keep a record of equipment credits. Equipment management staff should record relevant information. Martin Owen is an Accountant (CPFA). He has more than 20 years of experience working with academies and schools to improve their governance, management and management of financial, commercial and operational processes.

I agree that the student uses this device only for educational and non-personal purposes and does not lend the equipment to anyone else. And regulates the use and care of devices assigned to the parent`s child (the „student“). This agreement covers the period from the date the device was issued to the date the device returned to school. Your school may charge parents and employees a fee for lost, stolen or damaged devices. However, note that some parents (for example. B students who are entitled to the school premium) may not be able to pay these fees. I agree to keep the equipment in good condition and return it to school at the request of the school in the same condition. The DfE expects schools to use online and offline resources and to teach videos. If possible, you should consider lending computer equipment so that all your students can learn from home if they need it. I will return the device to its original state within 7 days of applying to the school. Enter this form or survey on your school website or email it to parents. Enter an explanation as to who is allowed to avoid confusion about the students who have priority.

I understand that I and the student are responsible for the equipment at all times, whether it is on the school grounds or not. Activities that defame or denigrate the school, or risk discrediting school 1) Hartsholme Academy, Carrington Drive, Lincoln, Lincolnshire, LN6 0DE („school“) By signing this agreement, I accept full responsibility for the allocation of the funds lent to the student, and I have read or heard this agreement and I understand the terms of the agreement. KeyDoc – Equipment Credit Forms for DOC staff and students, 161.0 KB Download I accept that the school will sanction the student in accordance with our driving policy if the student participates in any of the above points at one of the above hours.