Tafe Teacher Agreement 2018

The Australian Education Union has accused the Andrews government of allying itself with the institutes and undermining TAFE teachers, even though it had pledged to save the TAFE, in a rare dispute between the government and the workers` union. If an enterprise agreement is in effect, the premium does not apply. TAFE teachers receive a 23.7% pay increase over four years thanks to a new remuneration agreement. „Victorian Prime Minister Daniel Andrews was elected with a promise to save TAFE, but it appears that his government does not support TAFE teachers and is ready to allow TAFE CEOs to undermine the agreement.“ Under the TAFE agreement, teachers receive a pay increase of 5.4 per cent and an additional 2.7 per cent every six months until 2021. In addition, a significant number of casuals will be eligible for the transformation into full-time permanent positions. Peace said TAFE`s Victorian teachers „will become the lowest paid among the highest paid in the country as a result of this agreement.“ Victorian tafe professors at dual sector universities have gone through the following agreements the area Bendigo Kangan Institute has already moved to its service staff to do additional follow-up of students, in addition to the usual teaching duties, triggering more than 30 individual teacher disputes that are heard at the Fair Work Commission. Despite the increased workload, teachers are still paid for a 38-hour week, the teacher said, adding that the workweek has been demibilized due to the need to complete their own professional development as well as administrative work, in addition to the extra time required for evaluation. All TAFE teachers employed in stand-alone institutes are covered by MEA 2018, which came into force on 19 October 2018. Thousands of TAFE`s Victorian teachers are about to go to war with their employers, TAFE`s public institutes, to increase their teaching burden without a pay increase. „Some teachers do 35 [personal lessons a week] at Bendigo Kangan,“ says the teacher. Several TAFE institutes met last week to ask the Fair Labour Committee to amend the text of the current multi-company agreement they signed in October last year to clarify that classroom evaluation should not be taken into account during school hours. Under the current four-year employment contract, signed last October, a TAFE teacher`s time in the classroom is limited to 800 hours per year, while class planning and evaluation time is limited to 400 hours.