What Happens If There Is No Wayleave Agreement

I apologize for starting another topic on this topic, I know there are others here that I have read, but I cannot find a discussion on the same situation I find myself in. Does this mean that the mast and cables do not belong to the DNO, but to the electricity supplier? The cables go from the mast in our premises to a mast in the neighborhood grounds, then cross the road to another mast, where it then begins to connect to the plots. If the dilapidated house is not provided on the pure premises, it does not have a connection at the moment. If it is not part of the DNO, is it not necessary that there be a Weglass? Ultimately, I`m not so concerned about the value of the omission, only that the ultimate ability to tell them to „get your pole out of my ground“ gives me the leverage to move it at low or no cost. Yes, but only if the roadmap is for devices on your property that provide services to third parties. This is someone with whom you are not legally related. We have standard prices that you can check out. Be good, if you can negotiate the connection as part of it, as if they were doing work to move the mast, they might as well use the power supply at the same time. Also, it avoids a fight later when they move the pole and only then you ask for the connection and you don`t like the quote. Once the pole is moved, you have to expose yourself to some kind of Wayleave agreement (I guess) in order to have lost your bargaining power.

@Christine Walker had a pole on their land and was cited as crazy money for the connection as they claimed there wasn`t enough capacity to simply add their supply. So she took advantage of the lack of a Wayleave deal to get them to connect it for much less money. I`m sure it was more involved than that, but that`s the result in 2 sets. The first point, you say a 400V line, in the UK it would normally be 3 cables with a potential of 415V between them operating from a pole-mounted transformer, but each to Earth is 230V, so it`s a single line or a 3 x 230V cable – in this case, the good news is to move it, it will be much easier and the energy company will own and exploit it. Does this cable then fall into an apartment or other building or is there another transformer? If there is a transformer, then the lines above are probably actually 11,000V and I probably wouldn`t want to live among them! If there is no way, start by notifying them to remove their equipment from your country. What is a Wayleave? A Wayleave is a legally binding agreement between a landowner and telecommunications, utility or fiber optic providers that provides access for the installation and subsequent maintenance or management of cables and network equipment on or below the ground. The tenant`s main concern is to ensure that all the necessary computer equipment/wiring is installed until he has completed his equipment work and is ready to start negotiating/operating from the property. Since the Wayleave contract is concluded between the owner and the IT provider, the tenant has little direct control over the progress of the conclusion of the Wayleave contract.