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In this three-part online series, the Ai Group Workplace Relations team will address the key elements of IR-workstation relationships that should be right on your radar. We discuss the practical effects on your business and answer your questions live „on the air“. An enterprise agreement can complement national employment standards, which are a series of 10 minimum employment standards for workers. For example, an enterprise agreement may apply to the average working time. However, it cannot offer less than those standards provide. Enterprise agreements must also include a concept of „flexibility“ allowing employees to negotiate the enterprise contract with their employer and to conclude an individual flexibility agreement that applies only to them. An enterprise agreement may have conditions that are next to or complement national employment standards, but they cannot water down or modify national employment standards. An enterprise agreement can change the terms of a modern distinction, provided you are generally better off than the price. Two of Ai Group`s most prominent lawyers cover the complex and often misunderstood minefield of casual work. „We don`t want to pay premiums, can we not just have an enterprise agreement?“ Well, no, it`s not that simple. At EI Legal, our lawyers have extensive experience in developing enterprise agreements and managing employers in the implementation process. Lobbying powerful economic interests has silenced our democracy too much. A complete overhaul of labour legislation is needed.

Workers must be consulted on the proposed enterprise agreement and unions have the right to be involved in this process. One of the advantages of implementing an enterprise agreement is that it allows employers and workers to agree on work arrangements that may not be allowed by modern bonuses, which provides flexibility for workplace agreements that meet the needs of the company. In addition, workers covered by the enterprise agreement have restrictions on trade union action during the „nominal duration“ of the agreement (usually four years). MKI Legal has been recognized as a prominent advocate for labour law in Perth. In 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020, we were elected Western Australia`s leader for employment by the Doyles Lawyers Guide. MKI Legal is a specialized labour law firm that assists employees, contractors and businesses. We have helped thousands of our clients solve their labour law issues. Enterprise agreements contain specific conditions for a workstation.

They are different from rewards, which are actually an outline of the minimum requirements for an entire industry. A modern distinction does not apply when a workplace has an enterprise agreement. However, it is important to understand that the rate of pay should not be set in the enterprise agreement below the rate of pay in a modern bonus or as the fair work act of 2009. We are specialists in all aspects of trading strategy and enterprise agreement and we strive to get trading results for your business. McDonalds is an interesting example of what can be done. In the McDonald`s case (2010), McDonald`s held meetings with staff to explain the new agreement, using a large number of meeting places to encourage participation, including the rental of movie theaters. The union, in agreement with McDonald`s, prepared summaries of the agreement that outlined the differences between the terms of the contract and the current terms. Staff were allowed to do certification work or access electronic versions and copies on warning signs.