You Must Accept The Oracle License Agreement To Download This Software

9. U.S. Government LICENSING RIGHTS. When software is purchased by or on behalf of the U.S. government or by a U.S. government principal or subcontractor (at all levels), the government`s software and accompanying documentation rights are only the rights defined in this agreement. The 7th. And the 8th circuit subscribe to the argument „licensed and not sold“, when most other circuits are not necessary. In addition, the applicability of contracts depends on the adoption by the state of the laws of uniformity of transactions on computer information (UCITA) or the anti-UCITA (U-BombATION Shelter) Act. In the anti-UCITA states, the Single Code of Commerce (UCC) has been amended to explicitly define the software as a good (which places it in the UCC), i.e. to prohibit contracts that stipulate that the terms of the contract are governed by the laws of a state that existed in DIE UCITA. vagrant@vagrant-ubuntu-trusty-64:/download- wget -x –load-cookies Cookies.txt 3. Restrictions.

The software is copyrighted. Software ownership and all associated intellectual property rights remain with Oracle and/or its licensees. You cannot modify, decompilize or redevelop software unless current legislation prohibits enforcement. You acknowledge that general use software has been developed in a large number of information management applications; It is not designed or intended for use in inherently dangerous applications, including applications that could cause bodily harm; If you use the software in dangerous applications, you are responsible for taking all appropriate security, security, redundancy and other measures to ensure their safe use. Oracle denies any explicit or implied guarantee of adequacy to such uses. Under this agreement, no rights, title or interest on a trademark, service mark, logo or trade name are granted by Oracle or its licensees. Additional restrictions on development and/or publication licenses are specified in the additional licensing conditions. 10.

Definitions. The above-acted terms have the following definitions: „Confidential information“ is the set of proprietary information that the other party receives during or before the conclusion of the Agreement, which a party should know confidentially or proprietaryly due to the circumstances of disclosure, including, but not exclusively, to the software and all non-public technical and commercial information. Confidential information does not contain information that is or is known to the public without fault or violation of this agreement by the public; (b) that the receiving party is properly known at the time of disclosure, without any obligation of secrecy; (c) be developed independently of the receiving party, without using the confidential information of the publication party; or (d) the receiving party receives, quite rightly, from a third party without limitation of use or disclosure. „documentation,“ any technical user manual provided by Couchbase Inc. in connection with the software. „Sleeping Base“ means Couchbase, Inc. „Couchbase Site“ means „Software“ refers to the object code version of the corresponding elastic data management software provided by Couchbase Inc. and downloaded by the licensee on the Couchbase site or otherwise used by the licensee. 7. Length of contract and termination. The duration of the agreement begins on the effective date and continues for the period covered by Section 1 above, during which the agreement and license indicated therehals expire.

Couchbase Inc. may terminate this contract if the licensee substantially violates its obligations under this contract and, if such a violation is curable, that violation remains untreated ten (10) days after written notification of the infringement.